An advising platform built for human engagement

Our virtual advising management platform enables higher education institutions to better engage and manage students and advisors in 1:1 meetings.

Leverage our virtual advising management platform to improve advising impact at your own institution or to access external advisors to meet internal demand.

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Our supporting partners

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Why Polis?

Unite human advising with smart technology to boost engagement

Student attrition is a hidden and huge problem in higher education. It is a financial and existential problem for universities.

Decades of research has shown that personalized, systematic 1:1 advising is the most effective antidote to student attrition. Yet, there are still barriers in terms of access, costs, and personalization that disengage learners and advisors.

Polis unites human advising with smart technology to help you unleash great engagement and retention at your institution.  

Average boost in student retention in first year
Average reduction in 3rd-party tech costs
Average increase in weekly advisor availability in hours
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How Polis Works

Three simple steps to greater engagement


Integrate your advisors seamlessly into our platform for students to book 1:1 virtual sessions easily

Match & Meet

Allow students to find advisors or match them for sessions based on their needs, goals, and preferences

Measure & Elevate

Measure the impact of advising with session summaries and analytics to elevate outcomes at your institution

Our Solutions

Integrate your virtual advising resources into one place to drive engagement

About us

We are an education-focused company

We are a team of educators and tech professionals based in Cambridge, MA with 15+ years of experience in higher ed.

We believe that making 1:1 advising more personalized, accessible, and measurable. Such advising can unleash the personal and professional ROI of higher education for students, educators, and university leaders alike.

How Our Partners Use Polis

One platform, multiple ways to engage students and advisors

Academic Advising

Add advisors from various disciplines to meet student demand or improve access to your roster of advisors  

Course Support

Supplement your courses with extra TAs or streamline your current TAs' availability

Faculty Office Hours

Streamline your faculty & instructor office hours and optimize availability, access, and logistics for students

Alumni Mentoring

Simplify mentoring for your alumni and encourage accountability & connections in student meetings

Expert Resources

Elevate the reach of your in-house experts for student at your accelerator or fill gaps with external ones

Academic Center Support

Improve availability of your writing and tutoring center staff or increase capacity with added external help

Career Services & Guidance

Maximize access to your career service for students or provide extra perspectives from industry

Have Another Use Case?

Contact us and we would love to see if Polis could work for your organization and members

Ready to increase engagement at your institution?